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George Harrison

Photo: Mike McCartney

"When we lived in 12 Ardwick Road I vaguely remember a lad who loved in Upton Green, a couple of roads away from us.
The next time I saw the same lad was in and around the ‘Inny’, but as he was a year ahead of me, he was immediately classified as one of the ‘big lads’ and therefore unapproachable.
He was obviously one of those working class rebel chaps and toward the end of our school days together he got more and more outrageous. The compulsory school uniform was outvoted by his extrovert dress sense and his hair was the longest anyone could possibly get away with in the Inny, all ‘Tony Curtis’d back’, with a school cap perched on the top rear like a rabbi’s skull cap.
When his guitar playing affinity with Paul was established in the end of term skewl koncerts, he’d visit our new Forthlin home and we solely became friendly.
His dress by this time was even more interesting… full length, skin-tight drainies down to his bright fluorescent socks, even brighter lime (Upton) green waistcoat under his blazer which he would flash at me in the school corridors (followed by a wink). He had the first blue suede, winkle picker shoes which together with incessant chewing of gum all became his trade marks.
My Sweet Lord knows who he was, but his Mum must have loved him.”
- Mike McCartney, Thank U Very Much: Mike McCartney’s Family Album

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